Changes in energy prices are getting closer. Proposals for support for millions of farms will go to the Sejm in April

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Energy voucher and reduction in energy prices

In a post on the X website (formerly Twitter), the minister informed about three issues, including: are to be included in the designed solutions. Hennig-Kloska pointed firstly to the so-called energy voucherwhich is to be addressed to at least 3.5 million households.

Secondly, she added, “tariffs for individual customers will be lower“, and thirdly, that “the maximum energy price will also be reduced.”

“These are examples of elements of our solutions! The government bill will be submitted to the Sejm in April!” – noted the head of the Ministry of Environmental Protection in her entry.

New discounts from July 2024

At the end of March Minister of Climate and Environment informed about work on new regulations on energy prices, which are to come into force from July 2024. It then indicated that an energy voucher allocated on the basis of income criterion with a minimum aid option for 3.5 million households.

“Prices (of energy after release – PAP) will be acceptable for everyone, and for those for whom these prices are not acceptable, there will be an energy voucher (…) When distributing the voucher there will be an income criterion; we will calculate it per person in the family, giving bonuses single-person households, because u seniors Heat and energy expenses account for up to 70 percent. budget,” Hennig-Kloska said then.

Ending the anti-inflation shields

Currently, energy, gas and heat prices are frozen within the framework introduced by the previous government anti-inflation shields; the regulations expire mid-year.

At the end of 2023, an act was passed which maintains the current rules for the protection of certain electricity, gas and heat consumers. The regulations provide for, among others: maximum electricity prices for households and small and medium-sized companies. The current maximum price of electricity was maintained at PLN 412 per MWh net up to a specified consumption limit.

author: Michał Boroń


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