Co-financing for renewable energy – you can receive up to PLN 40,000. zloty

Luc Williams

Co-financing for renewable energy – program details

Warsaw is now accepting applications for co-financing for renewable energywhich allows you to obtain financial support for photovoltaic installations, heat pumps, solar collectors and wind turbines. How much can you get? Under the program, residents can count on: financial assistance ranging from 15 to even 40 thousand. PLN, depending on the type of device installed. The total city budget allocated for this purpose amounts to PLN 19 million.

The program is open to a wide group of beneficiaries, including individuals, entrepreneurs, housing communities and cooperatives, as well as foundations. An important criterion is that the property is not heated by a solid fuel or fuel oil heat source. Additionally, the support agreement must be concluded before the investment begins.

How to apply for funding?

Those interested can submit application for funding by April 30, 2024 at the District Office in the Resident Services Department or sent by post to the Office of Air Protection and Climate Policy. It is important to remember that the date of submission of the application is the date of its receipt at the office.

Other forms of funding

In addition to the above-mentioned subsidy program, Warsaw also offers: other grant opportunities, which give residents the opportunity to obtain support of up to 70% of the investment costs. Funding includes, among others: connecting the property to the municipal sewage network, removing asbestos and eliminating solid fuel or heating oil heating sources.


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