Colombia has no way to “defend itself” if it is attacked because the Petro Government has “weakened” the Public Force: “They tear us to shreds”

Luc Williams

This week, representative Julio César Triana held a political control debate with Iván Velásquez, Minister of Defense, due to the situation that has been occurring within the Public Force, since part of the air fleet is slowed down for different reasons.

“It is difficult for us to believe that more than 54% of these aircraft that the Army has today cannot be used. This leaves us at a clear disadvantage in terms of tactical reaction to groups outside the law that have increased their control and expansion of the territory, after the failed implementation of 'total peace',” accurate.

Given these revelations, representative José Jaime Uscategui spoke exclusively with and assured that Colombia currently has no way to defend itself from an external or internal attack, emphasizing that the weakening of the Public Force during the mandate of President Gustavo Presto is increasingly noticeable.

“About 70% of the public force aircraft are in operation, but in the Government of change that relationship is reversed. Now more than 60% are not operating, and that is an enormous risk,” initially stated.

Then he declared: “If Venezuela wants to send one of those Russian planes today, they will tear us to shreds, Colombia has no way to defend itself and meet its internal needs, like what we saw in Cauca, where they let the soldiers be massacred and there was no effective air support.” . The minister must show his face.”

The Colombian congressman was emphatic in the dialogue with this medium and pointed out that the Minister of Defense, Iván Velásquez, does not care about the soldiers, which is why, according to him, they have abandoned the Armed Forces.

It is worth remembering that a few days ago the response of the Russian Embassy in Colombia to a petition regarding the lack of maintenance of the MI-17 helicopters was known. The aircraft are slowed down due to lack of maintenance which, according to Russian authorities, is due to a “unilateral decision” by the Ministry of Defense.

“It was impossible for the reason that the ministry did not hand over the helicopters to the Russian side for repair. At the same time, according to the contractual conditions agreed upon by the parties, the contract and the supplement will be in force 'until the full fulfillment of the obligations assumed by the parties'”, explained the Russian government.


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