Companies can obtain over PLN 0.5 million in subsidies from KPO. The application deadline is soon

Luc Williams

Application deadlines?

From May 6, entrepreneurs can submit applications for support to expand or change the profile of their current activities in sectors such as: hotel industry, gastronomy (HoReCa), tourism or culture. The investment is financed from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (KPO), and the maximum amount that can be applied for is PLN 540,000. PLN – according to the announcement of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP).

The Department of Communication and Promotion of European Funds of the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy (MFiPR) informed PAP that over 2.3 thousand applications have been submitted so far. proposals in this matter and are currently under evaluation. The recruitment for subsidies from the KPO for projects for the small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) sector in the HoReCa industry will last until June 5 this year. – added.

What support?

“The support will be provided in the form of a refund of expenses. To receive a partial refund of expenses or a final payment, the entrepreneur will be able to submit a payment application at any time during the implementation of the project. The payment application will be verified and approved no longer than within 30 days of its submission. Then A payment order will be issued to the entrepreneur within 15 days. Depending on the number of applications submitted and their correctness, the deadlines may be shorter,” the Ministry of Finance said.

Who can apply for help?

As noted in the PARP announcement, enterprises operating within the framework specified in the competition regulations may apply for aid Polish Classification of Activities (PKD), which recorded a decline in turnover of at least 30% in 2020-2021, year-on-year. The funding covers investments in the service or production base, including construction works, purchase of machinery and equipment, activities related to the green transformation and the use of digital technologies, and development services for supported SMEs. Support also covers activities aimed at improving employee qualifications.

How much can you get?

The maximum support value is 90%. eligible costs of the project, and the maximum value of eligible expenses is PLN 600,000. PLN, which means that the required own contribution is at least 10%. eligible costs. The amount of support is from PLN 50,000. PLN up to PLN 540 thousand zlotys. The investment should not take longer than 12 months and must be completed before January 31, 2026.

PLN 1,200 million was earmarked for support from KPO funds.

The data quoted by PARP in the report “Employer survey report. Back to reality? The second year of the pandemic through the eyes of Polish companies” shows that 89 percent representatives of small companies from the industry combining trade, accommodation and catering declared that the pandemic had a negative impact on their business. The main obstacles indicated by the surveyed entrepreneurs included: a decline in the number of customers (51 percent of responses); high operating costs of companies (46%); decline in profits from the sale of services or products (42%), reduction in business cooperation with partners (34%). The report noted that companies employing up to 50 people were most likely to experience negative effects.

According to PARP, it is necessary to adapt the industry to the ability to cope with crisis situations that may occur in the future, e.g. through new ways of delivering products and services, reprofiling of activities or its diversification. (PAP)

Author: Bartłomiej Pawlak


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