December storms in the Baltic Sea. The area around Lubiatów suffered the most

Luc Williams

Stormswhich passed through the northern part of Poland at the end of December, the greatest losses were caused in the Lubiatowo district, i.e. between Karwia and Łeba in the province. Pomeranian.

Serious damage to the coastline

Kierzkowska reported that approximately 114,000 were destroyed. m3 dune embankments and biotechnical development. “Almost 3,000 meters of fences and approximately 17,000 m2 of brushwood lining and grass covering the dunes were also destroyed. We also noted losses in bushes and forests – approx. 140 ares (mainly Lubiatowo and the surrounding area) and waste land (mainly the Hel Peninsula and Ustka).

According to data collected by coastal protection field workers, it appears that in biotechnical development losses amount to approximately PLN 200,000. zloty., and in fences, bushes, lawns and information boards over 60 thousand zloty. “There is no damage to the structures used to protect the sea shores or to the port infrastructure,” the representative of the office assured.

The Baltic Sea returns what it took

“However, it should be borne in mind that the values ​​estimated at the moment are not final. We observe that in non-stormy periods, on natural sections of the sea coastfollows cpartial reconstruction of the shore, the so-called accumulation – this is monitored on an ongoing basis,” she said.

She added that the losses did not differ from “standard”. “The coast protection services carry out necessary work all year round so that, as far as possible, prepare and strengthen the seashore for the storm season. Analysis and identification of places that will require intervention due to losses will probably be possible in spring,” Kierzkowska added.

Money for renovations

In 2024, Maritime Office in Gdynia has financial resources provided for coastal protection in the amount of over PLN 22 million. This budget includes, among others:: renovation of the coastal strip in Gdynia, reconstruction of the coastal fortification in Jastrzębia Góra, artificial power supply in Ustka and the Peninsula. Helskie (Władysławowo-Jurata section), technical documentation for the expansion of the groyne system in Ustka, concept for the construction of underwater thresholds in Gdynia Orłowo, construction and renovation of the drainage system of the coastal strip in Rozewie, renovation of the technological entrance in Rowy and Jastrzębia Góra.

In addition, it will also be conducted monitoring of sea shoresbathymetric profiles and orthophotomaps, as well as research on the current condition of the sea shore (including periodic inspection of sea shore protection structures).

Storms passed through the northern part of the country from December 22 to 23, 2023 and from December 25 to 26, 2023. At that time, wind strengths ranged from 10 to 11 on the Beaufort scale. In turn, the maximum level of the Baltic Sea was 561 cm.

author: Piotr Mirowicz


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