Do Poles want to trade on Sunday? (SURVEY)

Luc Williams

The study entitled “Poles and Sunday trading” conducted on behalf of BIG InfoMonitor shows that for 18 percent For Poles, it does not matter whether stores are open seven days a week or only six days. However, as noted, supporters of the so-called total solutions, i.e. those who want all trading Sundays and those who expect a total ban on the seventh day of the week, are exactly 21% each. It was added that the remaining 40 percent respondents were in favor of trading on selected Sundays, but the majority believe that there should be more of them than currently (there are seven of them in 2024).

When it comes to the impact of trade restrictions on the budget and the way of shopping, – as written – 87 percent. respondents declared that they spend the same amount on shopping as before. However, among those whose expenses increased, every fifth respondent justified it by more frequent visits to restaurants, going to the cinema, theater or concerts.

The restriction on Sunday trading also divides entrepreneurs themselves. According to information from BIG InfoMonitor, shopping centers are most interested in increasing the number of shopping Sundays, but even among large chains, opinions are also divided. “We don't enjoy Sundays, we contribute to them. We don't do business then, and no one wants to work on Sundays, regardless of whether they are paid double or not,” Marcin Grabara, president of the Rossmann chain, was quoted in BIG InfoMonitor's information.

In turn, the “SME Scanner” study conducted among micro, small and medium-sized companies for BIG InfoMonitor shows that 25 percent representatives of the trade industry want all Sundays off, while 17 percent believes that all Sundays should be commercial. The largest group, as many as 29 percent, have no opinion on this issue or are not interested in the topic.

A draft bill easing the restriction and allowing two commercial Sundays a month was submitted to the Sejm at the end of March by MPs from Poland 2050. According to the draft, double remuneration would be payable for work on Sunday, and the employer would be obliged to designate an employee a day off 6 days before or 6 days after the working day on Sunday.

It was written that the study “Poles and Sunday trading” was carried out by Quality Watch on a sample of 1,090 adult Poles, using the telephone interview technique in December 2023.

The “SME Scanner” study carried out among micro, small and medium-sized companies by the B2B Research and Solutions Institute Keralla Research, on a sample of 500 companies selling with deferred payment on April 5-19, 2024. (PAP)

author: Ewa Wesołowska


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