“Either it is Verónica Alcocer or it is Francia Márquez,” they point out after complaints from Olmedo López

Luc Williams

Olmedo López, former director of the National Disaster Risk Management Unit (UNGRD), assured in SEMANA that the corruption of the Government of President Gustavo Petro in the UNGRD was orchestrated in a small circle of power who made the plans, made the decisions and gave orders to him. Said “conclave,” according to López, was made up of several ministers and other high officials.

“It is a small number of officials, ministers and department directors who received the order of the agreements that were reached and that had to be complied with by a significant number of congressmen. We discussed this in the Prosecutor's Office and the names will be delivered in due course. They correspond to the truth that the country has to know. I call it the conclave because it remembers when there is white smoke. I am Catholic and there is white smoke and we have a dad. And it is the summary of the power of the world of the Church. The conclave is the summary of power,” he added.

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Olmedo López assured that bribes were paid to congressmen to approve the Government's projects in Congress. And he assured that $380,000 billion were committed in these illicit acts. During his story, he said that someone with a lot of power managed part of those multimillion-dollar resources, without saying who, since – he noted – he will tell the Attorney General's Office in search of a principle of opportunity, that is, a collaboration with justice in exchange for a negotiation beneficial to him.

In 'Vicky en SEMANA', Senator Jota Pe Hernández launched hypotheses about that person with power. “Laura Sarabia, at the time this delivery took place, this disbursement of those monies that Olmedo López speaks about, was removed from her position. She was not in the Dapre (Administrative Department of the Presidency of the Republic), she was not as head of the Cabinet, she was separated from it, in quotes, well. And here we are talking, according to Olmedo, about a person close to Petro and with power in the Government,” he initially noted.

“There are only two options that come to mind and that I, as a senator, have every right to ask: either it is Verónica Alcocer or it is Francia Márquez. There is a precedent, from General Díaz, may he rest in peace, that expressed Verónica Alcocer's alleged interest in the purchase of some airplanes. Verónica, it is known from the beginning that she has had power in the Government. Even the power to appoint senior officials and it turns out that Olmedo is told that these $200 billion, of the $380 billion, are left to me to manage. “He says, he is someone with power in the Government,” she added.

Recalling these statements, Jota Pe Hernández added: “By the way, she is lost and she is just lost when this UNGRD scandal breaks out, which has been going on for several months now.” Neither the first lady nor the vice president and minister, Francia Márquez, have responded to these allegations.


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