Electricity prices will increase. How much will the increases be?

Luc Williams

How much will the electricity increases be?

From July 1, 2024, after the end of the period freezing electricity prices, Polish households can expect an increase in electricity prices. The Ministry of Climate and Environment signals that despite the expected increases, it is trying to limit their impact on Poles' wallets. Minister Paulina Hennig-Kloska she expressed hope that the monthly electricity bill for an average household would not increase by more than PLN 30.

Nevertheless, in a pessimistic scenario, the increase may reach over 80%. When prices are unfreezed, the cost per 1 kWh could reach approximately PLN 1.45. This means that a family using 250 kWh per month could expect bills of PLN 360. In the case of people benefiting from a relief such as the G11 tariff, the price for 1 kWh could increase from PLN 0.41 to PLN 0.74.

What is the government planning?

In response to the expected increases, the government is preparing a new support model that aims to protect the most needy households from negative effects of increasing electricity prices. The planned actions are intended to include, first of all, extending protection for households most affected by energy poverty, including large families and single pensioners.

This protection is to include, among others: introducing an income threshold that will allow identifying people who actually need support. Details of the new support program are to be revealed in the coming weeks. These are expected to include specific solutions to protect those who are most vulnerable to changes in energy prices.


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