Elon Musk in the crosshairs of a Brazilian court. He faces high penalties

Luc Williams

In a document quoted by the Brazilian press, the STF explains that the investigation against Musk is related to acting “to the detriment of legislation” in Brazil. It also concerns the recent publications of the billionaire, who called on the country's authorities to dismiss the head of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court, Alexandre de Moraes. The STF considered Musk's declarations as threats, calling them “criminal manipulation”.

Musk claims the practice imposed by the Brazilian justice system is “censorship”

The court also pointed to the fact that, in addition to threats against de Moraes, the owner of platform X refused to block user accounts that the Brazilian justice system ordered to close.

Musk claims that the practice imposed by the Brazilian justice system is “censorship” that his company does not intend to apply. He also rejected the arguments of Brazil's judicial authorities that freedom of speech on the Internet threatens democracy.

Meanwhile, according to the decisions of the STF and the Higher Electoral Court of Brazil (TSE), if Musk fails to comply with the order to block specific users of the X platform, a fine of PLN 100,000 will be imposed on the billionaire. reais ($17.7 thousand) for each account acting against the decision of the judiciary.

Elon Musk was recognized in February 2024 by Forbes magazine as the second richest man in the world with a fortune of $195 billion. A year earlier, the owner of the X platform and the Tesla concern held the leading position.

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