Farmers' protest on March 20. “We demand the abolition of the Green Deal and the Fit For 55 policy”

Luc Williams

Farmers' protest on March 20

On Wednesday morning, farmers protested in over 500 places in Poland. In Mazovia they blocked, among others, intersection of national road number 92 with the S17 route near the town of Zakręt. The blockades also include roundabouts in Jabłonna (on the border with Warsaw), i.e. national road No. 61, and roundabouts in Nieporęt – the intersection of provincial roads 631 and 633.

“This is our fifth protest that we are organizing here in the fight for Polish agriculture, in the fight for the Polish raison d'état,” said Łukasz Komorowski, organizer of the farmers' demonstration on DK92 in Zakręt, on Wednesday.

“We do not agree to the Green Deal”

“We do not agree to the Green Deal, we will not split up and we will not discuss it. There is nothing there that will help us,” he said. “We demand the abolition of the Green Deal in its entirety, we demand the abolition of the Fit For 55 policy, the reduction of all these emissions, these bans and orders,” he added.

Komorowski said that farmers are also protesting against the inflow of agricultural products from outside the European Union.

He noted that Wednesday's demonstration is certainly not the last. He assured that the forms of protests would intensify.

The protest organizer also said that the demonstrators were inviting government representatives to the blockade.

Roadblocks across Poland

On Wednesday, in addition to the blockade of the DK92 and S17 intersections, in Mazovia, according to GDDKiA, there are also difficulties at the following intersections: DK10 with DK60 in Drobin, DK19 with DW698 in Łosice, DK61 with ul. Modlińska in Warsaw and on DK50 from DK62 in Wyszogród. There are also difficulties on DK19 near the town of Kózki, DK50 in Ciechanów, DK60 near the town of Ościsłowo and on DK7 in Kazuń Nowy

Farmers' protests have been going on in Poland and other European Union countries for several weeks. They demand, among others: derogating from the provisions of the European Green Deal and sealing the borders against the inflow of agri-food products from outside the EU countries. The Green Deal introduces many guidelines, including: for agriculture. They are intended to enable Europe to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. These include: to introduce more ecological and less emission-intensive production and to reduce the use of fertilizers and plant protection products by half. (PAP)

Author: Aleksandra Kuźniar, Marcin Kucharzewski


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