February 18 – where can you shop on Sunday?

Luc Williams

February 18 in 2024 is not a trading Sunday – and this means that shopping malls and larger stores (supermarkets and discount stores) are closed that day.

February 18 – where to shop? What locations are open to customers on Sunday?

Where can you shop on Sunday (February 18)? On this day, customers have access to, for example: some franchisee stores.

Moreover, the Sunday trading ban does not apply to, among others: shops at stations and airports, catering outlets, gas stations, flower shops. They may also be open on Sunday some small local shops.

It’s worth remembering that opening hours may be shorter on this day (than every day). It is best to check this information directly at a specific point.

In addition, many networks (e.g. via applications) also offer services on Sundays online shopping with delivery.

When is the next trading Sunday?

According to the Act on restricting trade on Sundays, holidays and other days (which entered into force on March 1, 2018) in Poland there are seven trading Sundays throughout the year.

The first trading Sunday of 2024 was last month (January 28). Customers will have the opportunity to shop in larger retail outlets on Sundays in March (24).

Here is the trading Sunday schedule for 2024:

  • March 24;
  • April 28;
  • June 30;
  • August 25;
  • December 15;
  • December 22.


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