Global battery suppliers. China in first place, how did Poland fare?

Luc Williams

“Global investments in clean energy supply networks, including equipment factories and metals production, reached a record USD 135 billion in 2023,” concluded Kwasi Ampofo, co-author of the ranking, head of the metals and mining section at BloombergNEF (BNEF), quoted in the release. In an interview with PAP, Ampofo said that, for example, modernizing the Polish energy network could advance Poland to the top five countries in the ranking, because issues such as access to raw materials are only part of the factors influencing the overall rating. “We are switching to clean technologies, including electric cars, so as not to pollute the environment. A key part of this is the modernization of the energy sector, he emphasized.

Friendshoring win

In Canada, the authors of the study appreciated raw material resources, but also strong integration with the American automotive sector, clear economic and political obligations, as well as attention to ESG factors, i.e. the environment, social responsibility and corporate governance. The ranking of countries producing and supplying raw materials for the production of lithium-ion batteries, published on Monday, is prepared by BNEF, an analytical and expert company of Bloomberg, tracking trends in the transition to a low-emission economy.

“Consistent manufacturing progress and strong ESG performance have helped position Canada as a leader in building the future of battery supply networks,” BNEF said in a statement. It was also noted that the strong ties of the Canadian and American automotive sectors constitute a win for Canada in “friendshoring”, i.e. investing primarily in friendly countries, to the benefit of democratic allies and creating supply chains in such a way that they cannot be harmed by dictators. This is a concept used by American Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Canadian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland as the opposite of offshoring, the transfer of jobs to where there is cheap labor. Last year The federal and provincial governments have jointly announced major investments in Canada with three battery manufacturers. Budgetary support, federal and provincial, will total C$37.7 billion over ten years. 62 percent this amount will be financed by the federal budget. At the beginning of January this year. media in Canada reported on ongoing talks with the Japanese investor.

Poland was in 14th place

Analysts emphasized that although China has the best supply chain, the sustainable production and use of batteries at all stages of their use is becoming an increasingly important factor in assessments, and China still has a lot to do. Ampofo emphasized the growing importance of the quality of relations between countries, as foreign policy in the US and the EU makes it difficult for international companies to operate in important markets such as China. At the same time, he pointed out that, for example, in Poland’s opinion, being a member of the European Union is important. “It’s not even about local demand, but what market you have access to, that’s what shapes the value,” he added.

Poland was ranked 14th among the 30 countries assessed. Poland’s position in the ranking is primarily due to battery production, which ranks fifth in the world, after China, South Korea, Japan and the USA. The extraction of raw materials is the least important factor in Poland’s assessment. Analysts also pointed out that the prices of electric cars are a problem in Eastern Europe, and the forms of support for buyers are weaker than elsewhere. The ranking lists European countries as trendsetters in terms of sustainable production development and having “little competition” in this field, and Europe’s innovation is also highly rated.

“Access to raw materials and innovation can sometimes even be mutually exclusive. Those who were successful invested in research, development and technology,” Ampofo concluded.

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