“He is not going to come”: María Fernanda Cabal talks about the possibility that Petro will not install Congress on July 20

Luc Williams

Political storm in the country amid rumors of a constituent assembly that would be 'cooking' from the Government of President Gustavo Petro.

In fact, some political sectors They fear that President Petro could install the constituent assembly on July 20 and close the Congress of the Republic.

In , Senator María Fernanda Cabal, He referred to that possibility.

According to Cabal, They say “that on July 20 he -Petro- is not going to come to Congress to do the formal act “which is done in that period at the beginning of the legislative sessions after the recess.”

Given the possibility that President Petro will not attend Congress on July 20, the senator explained the scenario that would exist that day. “The installation is formal. It does not mean that non-installation does not make Congress not legitimate. We have a legitimacy of four years, which is our congressional period. That is a formalism, where the separation of powers reaches harmonization when he establishes it in a formal act. Symbolically, he is a head of state, but the effect does not mean that he closes Congress. He does not have the power and he would be carrying out a coup d'état”he added.

Likewise, Cabal was emphatic in saying that President Petro It does not have “the majorities” in the Congress of the Republic.

“It does not have the majorities, the best example was today. Today we are with the education reform and they do not have the votes. The uncovering of the jam and corruption in Congress has left this Government in a very bad position, plus all the other scandals. There is no lack of a scandal, when another is covered up,” highlighted the senator from the Democratic Center in

The idea, as he knew would be to finance these social organizations so that they have a presence in the capital and support Petro's theses.

“The National Assembly for social reforms, peace and unity, convened by the National Unitary Command, the National Coordinator for Change, the Historical Pact and the Social and Community Minga and other social organizations “It is rescheduled for the next July 18, 19 and 20, given the expansion of registrations, the need to have and guarantee the best logistical conditions and the importance of advancing in preparation from all territories and sectors,” says the communication.

Last Monday, May 27, the senator said that the members of the Historical Pact, as well as followers of the head of state, They are seeking to revive the re-election of President Gustavo Petro.

However, the head of state, through his personal X account, formerly Twitter, He said categorically that he is not interested in re-election and launched a dig, pointing out that some “did take advantage of it, called for war and peace, and now propose coups d'état.”


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