Hell has frozen over? Ferrari will release the first electric car. We know the date

Luc Williams

New Ferrari car will be presented in the fourth quarter of next year and as Ferrari's CEO stated, Benedetto Vigna in a Thursday interview with Bloomberg Television, the vehicle will be “unique in every way.”

It's a tight deadline for the high-end automotive sector, which is wondering how to cut greenhouse gas emissions amid falling demand for electric vehicles and restrictions on government subsidies.

Ferrari goes against the grain

Mercedes-Benz has stopped developing separate components for electric sedans, to save money and plans to sell gasoline-powered cars in the 2030s. In turn, the general director Lamborghini believes that it is still too early for the brand to offer fully electric models.

Meanwhile, Ferrari is building a new factory to produce hybrid and electric supercars in Maranello, Italy, which will open at the end of June. Last month, a new laboratory for testing lithium battery cells was launched.

The first electric Ferrari without the roar of the engine

The manufacturer's first electric vehicle model Ferrari will not imitate the roar of combustion engines, but will reinterpret the sound made by the electric motor, the CEO said. Customers under 50, as well as some older customers, have already approached Vigna expressing interest in purchasing the first battery-powered Ferrari model.


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