How did alias Iván Mordisco supposedly support President Gustavo Petro?: “When the river sounds, it brings stones”

Luc Williams

This Wednesday, March 20, the commander of the FARC dissidents, alias Iván Mordisco, launched a strong accusation against the presidential campaign of the head of state, Gustavo Petro, after he called him “traqueto”.

In a message on the social network supported by the FARC dissidents.

“President Gustavo Petro accuses me of racketeering and of using the memory of Manuel Marulanda. “When we supported him in the campaign we were not rabble-rousers,” said alias Iván Mordisco through the account in Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces.

In , Senator María Fernanda Cabal referred to the scuffle between President Petro and alias Iván Mordisco. The congresswoman said that “when the river sounds, it brings stones.”

According to Cabal, what was said by the subversive “ratified that the “Policota Pact” did exist and that, supposedly, Money of dubious origin did move around Gustavo Petro's presidential campaign.


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