How do educational environments affect the academic performance and development of skills in students?

Luc Williams

Educational institutions and their teachers have been forced to reevaluate academic models and programs to adapt to new learning trends and face the challenges of a new economy. The changes driven by the 4.0 economy, based on technology and digitalization, which seeks to automate processes in all sectors, are some of the reasons that have led to these changes.

Studies show that the implementation of these new methods has become more difficult due to external factors related to the students’ environment.. This has generated great concern in educational entities throughout the country. Sanford University, for example, points out that variables such as natural light, acoustic comfort and furniture adapted to new learning dynamics have a 17 percent impact on improving academic performance.

Kassani Diseño, with more than two decades of experience, specializes in understanding these changes and offering comprehensive solutions that promote active education. Through research, design, investment and new products and services, it helps institutions improve their spaces.

David Lara, Marketing and Design Director at Kassani, explains that they are focusing on “transform and create learning spaces that promote collaborative problem-solving skills and competencies, social-emotional awareness, and other non-cognitive skills that drive innovation and creativity”.

Kassani created a wide range of flexible furniture that allows the creation of adaptive and versatile environments, adjusted to various learning dynamics. “These spaces encourage creative skills and cooperation, achieving a balance between the environment and innovation,” adds Lara.

Currently, more than 140,000 students in Colombia use its products. In this way, they have contributed significantly to reducing gaps in learning spaces in more than 70 percent of private, primary and secondary education institutions. Among its contribution, schools such as the Liceo Campo David and the Montessori British School of Bogotá and Medellín were among the top 10 and top 50 of the best schools in the country, according to the ranking of Sapiens Research 2022 and Dinero 2023 magazine. Likewise, it concludes Lara, “we have had a positive impact in 60 percent of the main universities in the country”


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