Imported garbage is not only a Polish problem. Where do EU countries export their waste?

Luc Williams

The amount of waste and the method of its management vary in individual EU countries. To reduce the amount of waste and its impact on the environment, Brussels has made it compulsory recycling and storage restrictions. What then happens with municipal wasteof which there are too many, or when utilization or recycling industrial waste are they too expensive?

German industrial waste

Leaky regulations regarding the import of garbage from abroad have resulted in 35,000 wastes lying in seven locations in Poland since 2015. tons of “imported” waste. According to data MKiŚ they are located in seven places: in Tuplica, Stary Jawor, Sobolewo, Gliwice, Sarbia, Bzów and Babin. At the conference on March 26, Minister Henning-Kloska emphasized that the collected evidence confirms that the waste came to Poland from Germany. In thought EU directive they came to our country illegally.

In November 2023, Poland submitted to CJEU a complaint against Germany, in which she demanded to clean up 35,000 tons of post-industrial waste imported to Poland. As Minister Hennig-Kloska informed the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, she has been conducting talks with her German counterparts for three months in order to effectively solve this problem without court proceedings.

Garbage goes out into the world

But Poland is not the only country they go to waste from the EU. According to Eurostat in 2022, 32.1 million tons of waste left the bloc for countries outside the EU. Most of the EU's waste went to Turkey: approximately 12.4 million tons were sent there, which constituted 39 percent. all waste exported.

They came in second place India, which accepted a total of approximately 3.5 million tons of garbage. They took the next places Great Britain and Switzerland with 2.0 and 1.6 million tons, respectively.


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