InPost violates the monopoly of Poczta Polska. Letters can now also be sent by parcel locker

Luc Williams

What does Mini Paczka from InPost offer?

Mini Parcel service is only available via InPost Mobile mobile application. The sending process itself is quick and, most importantly, it does not require a personal visit to a traditional one post office, which is a significant time saver for users. This is an important convenience considering that alternative shipping methods are often more expensive and time-consuming.

Mini Parcel allows you to ship items with a maximum size of 4 x 23 x 40 cm and a weight of up to 3 kg, which in practice allows you to ship a wide range of items. This option may prove to be extremely beneficial not only for people who want to quickly send a letter or card for a special occasion, but also for forgetful people – in a size xs package you can, for example, send a friend a charger cable, cosmetics, a computer game or glasses that he left at home.

Competition for Poczta Polska?

Sending a small parcel via InPost parcel locker eliminates the need to wait in long queues typical of post offices. These shipments are delivered quickly, usually the next day. Parcel lockers, which are also sending and receiving points, are located on virtually every corner and are open 24 hours a day. Thanks to this, an urgent need to deliver a small item or a letter may turn out to be faster than meeting another person in person, or visits to the post office.

The Mini Paczka is also attractive in terms of pricing. The cost of sending a small parcel via Paczkomat is PLN 11.99, which is cheaper than courier delivery. For sending a priority letter up to 2 kg at the post office you currently have to pay PLN 8, which is almost PLN 4 less. The shipping time in this case is one business day, provided that the letter is posted by 3:00 p.m. However, for many people, the price aspect may not be significant, considering the availability of the service.


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