“It is as if in the Nuremberg trial the entire Nazi leadership had recognized its responsibility”: JEP responds to Pastor Alape

Luc Williams

In the most recent printed edition of , six former FARC commanders warned that The Peace Agreement signed in Havana (Cuba) with former president Juan Manuel Santos is in danger.

The former members of that extinct guerrilla They directly blamed the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) because, supposedly, this transitional court is not doing what it should ultimately be executing on this signed Peace Agreement.

“We are not refusing any responsibility. Not even in the most critical moments, when they trapped Jesús Santrich, did we make the wrong decision. We stay here. What worries us is that we are going to die owing to the country. I don’t want to die owing to the country. It’s what we agreed for the victims. We have to move forward so as not to repeat Justice and Peace. We have to urgently open concrete channels of legal security for the construction of peace,” Alape said punctually in the most recent edition of

In , Judge Roberto Vidal, president of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP), referred to the fact that, Even though eight years have passed since the signing of the Havana Agreement, nothing has yet happened against the former FARC commanders.

Therefore, Vidal said that the decision, perhaps one of the most important by the JEP, was against the former FARC secretariat. It was a process that lasted five years. and where this court investigated 20 thousand kidnappings and then accused them of international crimes.

“That means crimes against humanity and war crimes, related to kidnapping and all practices associated with kidnapping. That decision was also sent to the FARC and they recognized their responsibility. It’s a bit like the magistrate in charge of the case said; This fact has the dimension… it is as if in Nuremberg. We are talking about the same crimes that were used in the Nuremberg trial against the Nazi regime. It is as if at the Nuremberg trial, the entire Nazi leadership had recognized its responsibility. That happened here. Accused of the most serious international crimes, in a way that must be recognized as having been very committed to the agreements, providing truth, these gentlemen of the secretariat recognized their responsibility,” explained Vidal in

Now, as the president of the JEP explained, We are in the trial stage in this transitional justice court, so that a final sentence can be given.

It is worth remembering that the Nuremberg trials were a series of military courts based in the German city of Nuremberg.

As for the first trial, and perhaps the best known, it was the one involving the most important war criminals, who were charged with crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanityas mentioned above.

It is worth noting that, to this day, the Nuremberg trials continue to be relevant, given that they are considered the beginning of International Criminal Law.


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