Jota Pe Hernández confessed what happened in the Senate and why he ended up facing María José Pizarro

Luc Williams

This Tuesday, March 12, we experienced moments of great tension in the Senate of the Republic, during the debate on the motion of censure against the Minister of Defense, Iván Velásquez. Jota Pe Hernández and María José Pizarro engaged in a strong fight in front of the entire plenary session.

“When the senator (Jota Pe) respects a little, when he stops getting angry when he is exposed, when he stops reacting like a mad dog… He doesn't let anyone talk. It's impossible to talk like that“said the congresswoman.

Faced with these qualifiers, the man from Santander did not remain silent and quickly went to where the senator was to ask her to respect him. Likewise, he did not hesitate to post a video on her account about what was happening at the facility.

The Green Alliance congressman, likewise, spoke exclusively this Wednesday with and confessed what really happened during that tense moment in the middle of the plenary session, in which, according to him, he showed a solid argument against the minister.

“When I ask him not to lie to Minister Velásquez, Pizarro decides to treat me like an animal, calling me a mad dog. What I do is turn on my cell phone and record those insults. I wanted to show that this senator, many times in silence, or in public, like yesterday, insults her colleagues, but then immediately goes out to victimize herself,” she initially indicated.

Hernández took advantage of the dialogue with this medium to state that these attacks against him by the Historical Pact are not new. According to him, it all started when President Gustavo Petro responded to a tweet from the late Piedad Córdoba, insulting him.

“From the president onwards, They have decided to treat me with that type of adjectives. Let us remember that Petro shared in X that Jota Pe Hernández was an HP, just as the senator who is no longer present, Piedad Córdoba, said”he added.

Then, the senator specified: Since the president insults me, they feel that they can do the same every time I make a complaint and show the country the serious agreements that the government is making.for example those he does with the ELN, which are illegal.”

It is worth mentioning that Congresswoman Pizarro, through a publication on her personal account, also referred to this issue and emphasized that He reaffirmed what he said in the plenary session, emphasizing that Jota Pe Hernández, in fact, “reacted like a mad dog.”.


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