KPO subsidies are starting. Companies from this industry can obtain over half a million zlotys

Luc Williams

What investments can be co-financed?

Entrepreneurs can invest in infrastructure, hardware, software, consulting services, employee training, as well as in digitalization and ecology projects. The condition is that the investments constitute at least 70%. costs of the project – explains Arkadiusz Dewódzki.

How much will the funding be?

An essential and mandatory part of every project that will be submitted is the investment. The investment can be made simultaneously with support for specialist consulting, so-called development services. It may be related to employee training. The condition is that the investment is at least 70%. project costs. The maximum value of eligible costs that can be financed as part of the investment reported by the entrepreneur is PLN 600,000. The program can finance 90%. from this amount, i.e. you can receive a maximum of PLN 540,000. The minimum value of the project that can be reported is PLN 150,000. However, as I said, and it must be emphasized, the essence here is the investment and it must be at least 70%. total costs – adds Dewódzki.

What do you need to do to receive support?

The interlocutor emphasized that the instrument is typically subsidized and non-refundable, and companies have 12 months to implement the project. The condition for receiving support is meeting formal requirements, such as having appropriate PKD codes before the pandemic and a decline in turnover by at least 30% during the pandemic period.

When does the call for applications start?

Recruitment for the program will begin on May 6 and will last until June 5. Applications will be assessed on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications will be assessed within 14 days of submission, and entrepreneurs have 12 months to implement the projects and demonstrate the sustainability of the project.

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