Maciej Świrski arbitrarily punishes the media and then collects “debts”

Luc Williams

Due to Eurozet Radio's failure to pay a fine in the amount of PLN 476,000, despite a reminder, I ordered the State Treasury to collect non-tax receivables from the debtor, says Maciej Świrski, head of the National Broadcasting Council, as reported in Thursday's “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

Independent investigations by Chairman Świrski

The newspaper reported that “Radio ZET Świrski punished Radio ZET for information that the Polish services had lost the trust of the US services and that is why the Americans smuggled President Zelensky, who was traveling to the US, through Polish territory without the knowledge of the Polish services,” which the head of the National Broadcasting Council considered to be “propagating obvious disinformation.”

It was noted that “if Radio ZET reported untruths, the services could have sent a correction to the editorial office, and if the editorial office refused to publish it, the court would decide whether the broadcaster had to publish it.” We read that it was the chairman's “independent investigation”.

“GW” pointed out that “this is another such action by Świrski”, i.e. “he is collecting the fines he imposed, although the case is not yet finally resolved because the stations have appealed against his decision to the court.”

She recalled that in the case of the TVN station, it was about the report “Franciszkańska 3” about pedophilia in the church and John Paul II. Fine – 550 thousand. PLN – imposed for “lack of objectivity and narrative tailored to the previously stated thesis.” “On April 12, the company appealed to the court. Świrski collected the money anyway,” we read.

“In the same way, he collected the fine he imposed on TOK FM: PLN 88,000 for five broadcasts in which 'including phrases that insulted, degraded and violated the dignity of the most important people in the state, including the President of the Republic of Poland',” she noted. “GW”.


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