María Fernanda Cabal launches an unexpected hypothesis about Petro's absences and his appearances in public with a cap: “Colombia is going to know the truth”

Luc Williams

He learned, around noon on Saturday, that the Colombian president did not arrive at the place where his entire government team was meeting, so the meeting scheduled to take place throughout this weekend had to start without him. Finally, the images showed how the president arrived at the meeting on Sunday, 24 hours later.

On the other hand, President Gustavo Petro has been seen wearing a cap, even dressed in a suit and at formal events at the Casa de Nariño. The speculations on social networks have been of all kinds. Although the president has not commented on the issue, some believe that he had a hair implant. Others have thought that Petro might have health problems. The most unsuspecting simply think that it is a change of . The truth is that, in the midst of so many problems in Colombia, Petro's cap became a mystery that sooner or later the president will have to clarify. In fact, the president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva wore a cap when he visited Petro in Bogotá, last April 17. The House of Nariño reported it as a gift from the Colombian president to the Brazilian president, but it was striking that President Petro did not take everything away and that he was in a formal suit and receiving his counterpart.

On this matter, this was the thesis put forth by Congresswoman María Fernanda Cabal, senator from the Democratic Center. “He was not prepared to be president of a country, he does not have the condition, he does not have respect for the people. Every day he wakes up attacking someone, there is not a kind phrase, there is not a phrase of hope. When he shelters his criminals, such as those on the front line or those of the M-19, advocating terrorism, he does so by retaliating against others. He is a human being who hates, who has not reconciled with his own life, it was great for him to govern Colombia.”

The complete interview with Senator María Fernanda Cabal:

Regarding the “private agenda” of President Gustavo Petro and his cap, the senator indicated: “Colombia is going to know the whole truth. Furthermore, there is a lot of suspicion now that they say that if he is undergoing medical treatment, that he has no hair, that he wears a cap. Well, within all this number of bets, which end up becoming narratives, one says one thing, the other says another, that he is sick, yes but no, no but yes, what they have said is that He went to Cuba for Easter, we should find out, and he became a saint. In other words, through the Santeria that he practices, as Chávez did (Hugo Chávez, former president of Venezuela), as Maduro does (Nicolás Maduro, president of Venezuela), Roy Barreras himself (Colombian ambassador in London) a day he told me, shaved his hair and It is said that he has to be hairless for three months as a Santeria rite.. Let's ask to see if it's true or wait to see if he answers a tweet,” said the congresswoman from the Democratic Center on the matter.


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