Merger of Orlen and Lotos. We know when the results of the Supreme Audit Office will be available

Luc Williams

As he conveyed President of the Supreme Audit Office, Marian Banaś on Polsat News, on February 5, a report on the merger of Orlen with Lotos will be presented at a press conference. “The price for Lotos has been lowered,” Banaś confirmed. However, he did not want to clearly confirm that it was PLN 4 billion.

“The data we obtained from the Ministry of State Assets and the Ministry of Environment and Climate clearly shows that such an understatement took place. However, we were not allowed to inspect, so it is difficult to say whether this understatement is true. Only after the inspection in Orlen will we be able to confirm “- said the president of the Supreme Audit Office.

Marian Banaś announced that a report with the findings so far will be presented next Monday at a press conference. In his opinion, the report, despite the lack of direct control, will be credible because NIK auditors “are there to work on documents.”

Other checks

The President also talked about the findings so far regarding two other inspections. One of them concerns the purchase and renovation of the building National Prosecutor’s Office at ul. Progress in Warsaw.

“The inspection took place now, in recent months. It concerned the purchase and renovation of this building. We have very serious findings related to mismanagement. We are conducting an analysis and a notification will probably be submitted to the prosecutor’s office regarding mismanagement,” said the president of the Supreme Audit Office.

He added that when it comes to renovation, the amount originally allocated was PLN 15 million, but ultimately it was almost PLN 80 million.

On Wednesday – as Banaś said – the Supreme Audit Office also carried out an audit of the purchase of respirators, masks and protective clothing during the pandemic for half a billion.

“The auditors are working on notifying the prosecutor’s office,” revealed the president of the Supreme Audit Office. In his opinion, the decision regarding this purchase was made in the office of the then Prime Minister Morawiecki. (PAP)

Author: Luiza Łuniewska


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