Mine Restructuring Company: Dismissed president and majority of the company's management board

Luc Williams

According to information posted on SRK's website, the company's supervisory board dismissed the president from his position on Tuesday Janusz Smolała, Vice-President for Housing Resources and Mine Drainage Marek Pieszczek, Vice-President for Mine Decommissioning and Asset Management Piotr Bojarski, and Vice-President for Technological Innovation and Procurement Adam Smoliński. At the same time, on Tuesday, the board temporarily entrusted the duties of the company's president to the vice president for economics and finance Radosław Wojtas – until the date of appointment of the new president.

The company, among others, manages post-mining apartments

In addition, the SRK supervisory board initiated qualification proceedings for the positions of the company's president, vice-president for housing resources and mine drainage, vice-president for mine liquidation and asset management, and vice-president for technological innovation and procurement.

The announcement about the proceedings is to be published on Wednesday on the SRK website and in the public information bulletin of the Ministry of State Assets. The deadline for receiving applications is March 13 this year. The SRK supervisory board is to conduct interviews with candidates on March 15 and, if necessary, in the following days.

Owned by the State Treasury and financed mainly from budget subsidies, SRK deals with the liquidation of mines and the management of their assets. The company includes, among others: Central Mine Drainage Plant, with several pumping stations in closed mines. SRK also owns – in over 70 communes – several thousand plots of land and several thousand structures and buildings. The company also manages post-mining apartments.

Manages attractive post-mining land

In recent years, local governments of the province Silesia has repeatedly requested SRK to transfer post-mining land, often attractively located and developed, to them for re-development.

Many of such plots are also specific areas with former access roads or, for example, former drainage streams, which make it difficult to give new functions to larger areas. In a few cases, local governments have so far obtained them from SRK at no cost.

In the context of the challenges of socio-economic transformation of coal regions, the Voivodeship Marshal Silesian Jakub Chełstowski appealed a year and a half ago to prepare an act that would define the places of local government, government, economic zone, energy companies and SRK in the transformation process.

author: Mateusz Babak


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