Minister of Agriculture on the Green Deal: It is necessary to move away from strict rules

Luc Williams

Presenting information on the government’s actions in connection with the farmers’ protest to the Sejm, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture cited the results of trade between Poland and Ukraine in 2023. They show that in total trade Poland had a surplus of EUR 6.9 billion, while in trade in agri-food products “a deficit of EUR 650 million was recorded to the detriment of Poland”.

Siekierski emphasized that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is currently conducting bilateral talks with the Ukrainian side, the aim of which is to develop an agreement that would replace the current grain embargo, but at the same time would extend the scope of protection of the Polish market against excessive imports of sensitive goods such as eggs, frozen raspberries or oils. He also noted that he would present proposals for trade solutions next Monday in Brussels.

Minister Siekierski also said that the ministry considers farmers’ protest against the Green Deal policy to be justified. “The EC has gone too far. It is necessary to abandon the strict rules of the EU Green Deal, which limit agricultural production,” he said.

During his speech, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development also assured that “there are no regulations that would limit the number of animals in Poland.” On the contrary – as he said – in Poland, animal production is a priority, and farmers under the Common Agricultural Policy will receive, among others, subsidies for the so-called animal welfare.

Moreover, Siekierski said that at the beginning of March this year. direct payments to farmers will start and there will also be additional funds, including: for corn producers, for disaster relief, subsidies for agricultural fuel, fertilizers and insurance loans.

For several days now, numerous protests by farmers have been taking place all over Poland, blocking, among others, roads, expressways, highways, and border crossings with Ukraine. Farmers will oppose the inflow of Ukrainian goods, as well as European policy related to the so-called Green Deal.

The European Green Deal is a package of policy initiatives aimed at putting the EU on the path to ecological transformation and ultimately achieving climate neutrality by 2050. The package includes initiatives in closely related areas, e.g. climate, environment, energy, transport, industry, agriculture and sustainable financing. (PAP)


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