MKiŚ focuses on the protection of naturally valuable and socially important forests

Luc Williams

Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment Mikołaj Dorożała announced on Wednesday during a press conference that it had been informally established in January team for the protection of naturally valuable and socially important forests. A team was also established at General Directorate of State Forests. The deputy minister noted that both are in constant contact with each other, so cooperation of the Ministry of Climate with the State Forests it’s going very well.

Forests are becoming more and more important

He emphasized that the process strengthening forest protection with special natural and social values ​​must be well designed and carried out quickly. “We want to protect Polish forests, while at the same time carrying out activities in their areas elements of a sustainable economy“- informed Dorożała.

He emphasized that during this month, appropriate communication methods have been developed to ensure that information flows clearly, clearly and legibly to Regional Directorates of State Forests and to forest districts.

Conversations, consultations, analyses

The deputy minister pointed out that the first task of the team was comprehensive analysis of problems reported by forest districts and ZUL (forest service companies) in connection with the order of January 8, 2024, which concerned suspending or limiting timber harvesting in areas that are particularly important from the point of view of nature conservation and fulfilling social functions. He added that currently the team includes representatives of the State Forests, the socio-scientific side and the Ministry of Environmental Protection, but ultimately it will include representatives of other groups that are key stakeholders in the process.

“We have two weeks of intensive meetings and consultations with representatives of the State Forests, the socio-scientific side and the ministry. Thanks to open dialogue, we managed to develop the first solutions,” said Dorożała.

He announced that it would take place in the second half of March nationwide conference on foreststo which “all stakeholders in the process of caring for Polish forests” were invited.



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