Mobile exhibitions Huawei Europe Enterprise Roadshow 2024 will be available in Poland on May 7

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This year's tour covers 54 cities in 21 European countries, starting from France and Spain, through Switzerland, Portugal, Turkey, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Greece, Belgium, Luxembourg, Serbia, Hungary, Ireland and Bulgaria, and ending with Romania. In Poland, the Huawei Mobile Exhibition Center will be in Warsaw on May 7, then go to Jachranka on May 9, to Krakow on May 13, and on May 16, the Polish edition will end in Katowice. The Huawei Mobile Exhibition Center can be visited free of charge from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. after making a reservation on the event website or on site with the help of zone supervisors.

Huawei Enterprise Roadshow 2024 and ICT Day in Warsaw

The Polish part of the Huawei Enterprise Roadshow tour will be inaugurated on May 7 with the Huawei ICT Day conference, which will be held at the Kinoteka Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. During the event, the company will present a portfolio of innovative projects and discuss technological and business issues important from the point of view of customers and partners. The exhibition, installed in the parking lot of the Palace of Culture and Science, can also be visited individually, without the need to participate in the conference.

In Jachranka, the Huawei Mobile Exhibition Center will be an additional attraction for participants of the KIKE conference taking place on May 8-10 at the Warszawianka Hotel. In Krakow, the exhibition will be presented in the parking lot of the Galaxy hotel as an additional attraction of the PLNOG technology conference, and in Katowice it will appear at Sławik and Antall Squares near the Katowice Spodek.

The event is a great opportunity not only to watch, but also to test some technologies in practice in the company of Huawei experts and engineers. Thanks to the support of partners, technology workshops will also be held on site and a number of additional attractions will be provided. Visitors will also find a recreation zone – a cafe serving freshly roasted local coffee, deckchairs and competitions with attractive prizes to be won.

In addition to Huawei products, experts will also demonstrate the most advanced solutions specifically tailored to the requirements of key industries such as education, healthcare, managed services, transportation, internet services and retail.

The partners of the Huawei Mobile Exhibition Center as part of the Huawei Enterprise Roadshow will be Huawei distributors in Poland: in Serock – S4E, in Krakow – Arrow ECS, in Katowice – Senetic.

Schedule of visits of the Mobile Exhibition Center in Poland:

  • May 7 | Warsaw, Palace of Culture and Science
  • May 9 | Jachranka, Hotel Warszawianka
  • May 13 | Krakow, Hotel Galaxy
  • May 16 | Katowice

Link to register for the event:

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