Most SMEs are afraid of the increase in energy prices and labor costs (SURVEY)

Luc Williams

According to the study, this year micro representatives-, small ones and medium companies have the greatest concerns about costs of running a business.

“As many as 96% of them declare concern about running a business in 2024,” according to the study. Kaczmarski Group “2024 from the perspective of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises”.

The study shows that 54 percent enterprises are afraid of higher prices of energy, raw materials and materials, and 52 percent rising labor costs. Among micro-enterprises, employing up to nine employees, over 57% are afraid of high operating expenses. entities. “They are perceived as a particular burden primarily by construction (59%), production and services (57% in both cases),” it was reported.

Construction, trade and services – industries with the greatest concerns

As it was added, the concern about rising labor costs is more even between industries, but the greatest concern is felt construction (61%). “The construction industry is also afraid of a decline in the number of customers, sales and profits. 44% of its representatives expect such problems, which is the highest percentage of all sectors,” it said. According to National Debt Registerin the construction industry, debts amount to one and a half billion zlotys, and over the last year they increased by 13%.

“Recent years have been a challenge for almost all areas of the economy, which is why companies expect that it will not be easy for them in 2024 either. Only 4 percent of them are not worried about what the next months will bring. Construction is particularly concerned, i.e. the sector who actually has had difficult experiences,” he emphasizes President of the National Debt Register of the Economic Information Office, Adam Łącki.

The list of companies’ concerns included concerns about a decline in the number of customers, sales value and profits (38 percent of surveyed entities). Apart from construction, there is concern in this area trade and services. It was declared by 39 percent. representatives of these sectors. Concerns also concern micro-enterprises to a greater extent (44 percent of responses).

Fear of changing the law

“Three out of 10 SME representatives are afraid of introductions that are unfavorable for enterprises changes in the lawand among them are primarily companies from the service sector and micro-enterprises,” it was reported. It was noted that every fourth SME company in 2024 is afraid of insolvency and payment backlogs, including 50 percent of construction representatives.

The study “2024 from the perspective of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises” was conducted in December 2023 on a group of 620 companies from the SME sector by IMAS International commissioned by Kaczmarski Group. (PAP)

author: Aneta Oksiuta


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