Obajtek Protection. How much did Orlen group companies spend in 2023?

Luc Williams

“Last year, Orlen Group companies spent over PLN 1,600,000 on protecting Mr. Obajtek. Mr. Obajtek had his own private security guards, Mr. Obajtek had a private driver, Mr. Obajtek had his real estate protected and all this for Orlen's money,” he said in Thursday, MAP head Borys Budka on TVP Info.

Daniel Obajtek ceased to be the president of Orlen on February 5. Budka said that the documents he has show that “with money from Orlen Group companies, members of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland were tracked.”

“The imaginary reason for this surveillance was the interpellations submitted. In the interest of the State Treasury, the interpellations, which warned against the merger of Orlen with Lotos, asked about Orlen's activities. And such a machine was invented in which a detective company was commissioned to allegedly protect Orlen's interests, and instead we were supposed to dealing with surveillance of MPs,” Budka said. He added that the decisions and acceptance of these orders contained the signatures of Daniel Obajtek.

Budka referred to printouts of photos which – as he said – secretly showed, for example, PO open meetings. “First of all, the quality of these materials is very questionable, considering what is there,” he said. He noted that all the documents he received “clearly show that the MPs were under surveillance and their photos were secretly taken.”

“The person we are talking about here, who performed these activities, has earned approximately PLN 6 million in the Orlen Group alone in recent years,” Budka said.

On Tuesday, Donald Tusk, referring to the former president of Orlen, Daniel Obajtek, stated that “he had typical interests for PiS officers” and signed, among others, an assignment for a detective whose task was to “identify and document activities against unfair competition towards PKN Orlen, including identifying sources of disclosing information regarding the operation of the concern.” The detective was involved in tracking opposition MPs, including: Marcin Kierwiński, Jan Grabiec or MEP Andrzej Halicki – said Tusk, adding that Orlen spent over PLN 1 million on these detective services.

Former president of Orlen, Daniel Obajtek, denied that he hired a detective for over PLN 1 million. According to Obajtek, the amount given by the head of government is the cost of protection granted to him by the company's supervisory board.


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