Olmedo López's alleged reaction to the reported delivery of $3,000 million to Iván Name is known live

Luc Williams

Sneyder Pinilla became the key witness in the scandal involving Iván Name, president of the Senate, after he revealed the alleged bribes that he received to carry out the reforms promoted by Gustavo Petro's government.

Likewise, the former public servant confessed that Olmedo López ordered him to deliver 3,000 million pesos to the Green Party congressman and 1,000 million pesos to the president of the House of Representatives, Andrés Calle. Furthermore, he stated that he delivered the money himself.

Then he specified: “The money is given to me in cash and I give it in cash to the person that Dr. Name sends, and I directly gave it to Dr. Calle. It was delivered to Name through a courier he has. I did the procedure with that person.”

After making the respective payments, Pinilla responded in the middle of the interview with what was the first reaction that the former director of the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (UNGRD) had as soon as he told him that he had already given the money to the presidents. of the Congress of the Republic.

“Who do you report to that you have already delivered the money?” asked Vicky Dávila, director of this medium, to which Sneyder answered bluntly: “I personally told the director that the mission was accomplished.” And she confirmed: “Yes, to Dr. Olmedo.”

“He was very short of words and told me: 'Ready', and that's it. He, I imagine, delivered the message to I don't know who.. I imagine that he told the person that he had already complied,” stated the former deputy director of the UNGRD.

What did Ivan Name say?

“The entire country has witnessed my public actions in the democratic debate. The more than 45 years of public life that come from me show that my disposition and actionswhich today is intended to be affected, diverting attention from those who bled the public treasury at the head of the UNGRD institution,” Name stated.

The member of the Green Alliance was emphatic in pointing out that he is “willing to appear before the corresponding authorities to clarify any questions that may arise” about his conduct.


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