PERN: We want to build a chemical terminal in the area near Naftoport

Luc Williams

PERN President Mirosław Skowron announced on Thursday during the EuroPower conference that PERN wants to build a chemical terminal in the area near Naftoport. “For us, this is a transformation and development in new directions,” Skowron noted. “We are thinking about ammonia and various other chemicals that our customers could receive from us,” he pointed out. He pointed out that many State Treasury companies are working on similar projects.

“We won't do everything”

“We won't do everything. We want to work on one architecture, who should do what in this area, and what each State Treasury company should be responsible for,” he announced. He noted that many companies are thinking about having a “window to the world”, and many talk about a chemical terminal or similar infrastructure.

Indicating the goals of PERN, Skowron stated, among other things, that the national transmission system should be connected with other European pipelines to increase fuel supplies and ensure the safety of infrastructure for the transport and storage of crude oil and fuels.

PERN, based in Płock, is a strategic entity for Poland's energy security, which is responsible for pumping crude oil through pipelines in Poland to the Orlen Group refineries in Płock and Gdańsk, as well as to two refineries in Germany – Schwedt and Leuna, and for storing it in its bases in country, both raw materials and liquid fuels.

PERN's “Mega-Investment Program”.

The company has 19 fuel depots in the country with a total capacity of over 2.6 million cubic meters. and 4. crude oil bases, the total capacity of which is over 4.1 million cubic meters.

For several years, PERN has been implementing the “Mega Investment Program”, i.e. priority projects related to managed critical infrastructure that are intended to increase Poland's energy security. These projects include: expansion and modernization of fuel depots, including their capacity and railway infrastructure.

Recently, the company announced that in this year's plans “it has a total of approximately 400 new tasks”, both from the investment plan and the renovation plan, with the expected expenditure on tangible investments at this time amounting to almost PLN 450 million, and for renovations approximately PLN 90 million.

author: Anna Bytniewska


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