Petro “does not delay” in throwing a “smokescreen” to cover all the money spent on his campaign

Luc Williams

This Thursday, April 18, it was learned that the National Electoral Council (CNE) would be preparing a presentation to investigate President Gustavo Petro and Ricardo Roa, president of Ecopetrol, for the alleged irregular financing of the 2022 campaign.

Given the controversy that has been generated in the country around this issue, Juan Espinal, Representative to the Chamber for the Democratic Center, spoke exclusively with Vicky in SEMANA and assured that the president will not delay in putting out a new “smokescreen.” ” to divert attention.

The congressman, likewise, took advantage of the dialogue with this medium to respectfully ask Roa, who was the campaign manager of the leader of the Historical Pact, to resign as soon as possible from the presidency of Ecopetrol.

“He invited Ricardo Roa to resign from the presidency of Ecopetrol. Yesterday in the Fifth Commission, where he took control of political control, he mentioned that he would step aside if one of the processes advances and calls his good name into question. Surely they must be about to throw a smoke screen”he initially noted.

Likewise, he ruled: “There must be President Petro who comes out to throw one of those smoke screens that he loves to divert attention from a process that has all the legal legitimacy. “We have said from the beginning that there is a violation of limits in the president's campaign.”

Espinal also listed on air the alleged irregularities that were recorded in the middle of the campaign, among which he highlighted the contributions provided by Fecode and another oil union group (the USO), as well as the flights not reported in the accounts.

The representative to the Chamber for the Democratic Center finally stated that he will be very attentive to the reaction of the Colombian president's supporters regarding the actions of the Prosecutor's Office, which was given quite a bit of a beating during the direction of Francisco Barbosa.

“I want to see the members of the Historical Pact how they are going to speak out against the actions of the current Attorney General's Office, because days ago all they did was mention that the prosecutor in charge was an ally of drug trafficking, and now they applaud the entity's decisions, saying that now there are guarantees,” he sentenced.

It is worth mentioning that the president of Ecopetrol attended a hearing this Thursday at the Accusation Commission, where an investigation is underway against President Petro and the alleged irregular financing of the campaign.


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