Petro Government “now applauds the Prosecutor's Office”; Pure uribismo is on the attack and comes out in defense of Uribe

Luc Williams

The Attorney General's Office called former President Álvaro Uribe Vélez to trial this Tuesday, April 9, for alleged procedural fraud and bribery of witnesses. Through a press release, the prosecutor delegated to the Supreme Court of Justice filed the indictment against the Antioquian.

After this announcement, the leaders of the Democratic Center, the party of the former Colombian president, spoke exclusively this Wednesday, April 10, with Vicky in SEMANA, where they stressed that the call for trial against Uribe Vélez is completely unfair.

Senator Paloma Valencia, similarly, took advantage of the dialogue with this medium to point out that they are feeling persecuted, after the new attorney general, Luz Adriana Camargo, arrived, whom she noted as being very close to the government.

“It seems to me that there is a very strong contrast. While one sees the genocidaires of the FARC here sitting in Congress and the M-19 guerrillas being presidents, former President Uribe is the one under trial. This is starting to worry me. “We are seeing an atmosphere of persecution, all set by the Petro Government,” he initially indicated.

Then he added: “When Iván Mordisco talks about Petro, those are lies. I am beginning to see that, obviously, there was a change when a prosecutor so close to Minister Velásquez, who was his second in Guatemala, was chosen. So, they want to corner President Uribe and persecute the opposition. What is being measured here is whether the investigator, prosecutor or judge is a Uribe or anti-Uribe, and that is the ruling you have. “It is not a failure of justice.”

Juan Fernando Espinal, representative of the Chamber, did not ignore the decision of the Prosecutor's Office and stated in SEMANA that now Gustavo Petro's administration does like the actions that the investigating entity is carrying out, emphasizing that before they only spoke ill of this.

“Iván Cepada and Senator Pizarro did not need anything other than to give themselves a 'piquito' of happiness for the announcement. “20 days ago they were completely enemies of the Prosecutor's Office and, starting yesterday, they began to applaud the failures of the current prosecutor,” declared the congressman from the Democratic Center.

It must be remembered that Luz Adriana Camargo, current attorney general, spoke exclusively with SEMANA and revealed what President Petro told her about as soon as she was appointed. The lawyer pointed out that the head of state asked her what her lines of work were going to be and asked her to have a harmonious relationship.

Regarding the issue of whether the president is her boss, Camargo was emphatic and took advantage of the dialogue with this medium to point out that the Attorney General's Office is a completely autonomous entity. Likewise, she stressed that she is not anyone's pocket prosecutor.


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