Poczta Polska recorded a “historic” loss in 2023. A rescue plan is being prepared

Luc Williams

The press office of Poczta Polska reported on Monday that the situation of Poczta Polska is “extremely difficult”. It was added that the company's financial results for last year, in which it recorded “the largest historical loss”, will soon be published.

The documents adopted by the management board assume staff reductions

According to the information provided, the priority of the current management is to carry out a comprehensive transformation process, which is a condition for Poczta Polska's continued operation on the market.

“The documents currently adopted by the management board assume reduction of positions through natural fluctuation, i.e. not extending temporary contracts or terminating positions after employees retire,” it was reported. It was added that the transformation plan would be submitted to the supervisory board in the coming weeks. It provides for further steps “to adjust the business profile to market requirements and customer expectations, as well as to increase the competitiveness of employment at Poczta Polska.”

The postal operator indicated that the changes are to lead to Poczta Polska regaining the “leading position” in the segment of courier, parcel and digital services.

Trade unionists expect wages to increase

Last week, the Trade Union of Postal Workers (ZZPP) announced on its website that by May 8, 2024, it is waiting for the employer to present proposals for wage increases in ongoing collective disputes, and at the same time it is starting preparations for a two-hour warning strike on May 16 at 8-10. The strike may be called off if the employer presents a satisfactory proposal for a wage increase by May 8, the union noted. It also encourages all employees and all trade unions to “actively participate in it, as well as join the information campaigns being prepared.”

ZZPP reported that last week trade union organizations met with the employer as part of the mediation stage of ongoing collective disputes. According to the union, the employer proposed concluding a “sort of pact” with the social side, obtaining consent for group layoffs in exchange for allocating some of the funds obtained in this way to pay raises for other employees.

Poczta Polska is the largest postal operator on the domestic market. It employs over 66,000. employees, and its network covers 7.6 thousand. branches, branches and postal agencies throughout Poland.


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