Poland with an agreement with Rwanda on cooperation in the field of high technologies and environmental protection

Luc Williams

As part of a trip to East African countries, the Polish President and First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda met the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, in Kigali on Wednesday. During a press conference with the President of Rwanda, he announced that two agreements had been signed between Poland and Rwanda for cooperation in the field of high technologies and joint activities in the field of environmental protection.

A number of Polish companies are present on the Rwandan market

As Andrzej Duda reported, future investments were also discussed. “Today they will have the opportunity to visit a joint Polish-Rwandan investment, LuNa Smelter – a tin smelter in Rwanda, which was restructured together by our joint efforts. Currently, it is co-run by a Polish company, so it is a model example of cooperation,” said Andrzej Duda.

He pointed out that “there are a number of Polish companies present on the Rwandan market, such as ASEKO in the field of cybersecurity and IT services, but also ordinary small family companies that have invested their funds in the tourism industry.” As he noted, “I hope there will be more of them.”

The president said that “common areas of cooperation are: energy, urban infrastructure, agricultural industry, machinery industry, equipment for the food industry, construction, management, including crisis management, water resources and cybersecurity.”

He announced that on Wednesday there will be “another meeting of Polish and Rwandan businessmen in Kigali, who will talk about mutual relations, the development of joint economic ventures and business development.”

Poland is looking for reliable partners in African countries

As he noted, “Poland is looking for reliable partners in African countries, primarily those who share common values ​​and who can understand us with our difficult history.” “We have no doubt that in Rwanda we find understanding and friends in this respect,” said President Duda.

He emphasized that “Poland wants peaceful and peaceful development.” “We want to build our prosperity, our prosperity, away from all wars and conflicts. (…) In Rwanda, we find friends who understand us exactly and would like exactly the same for themselves,” said President Duda.

He expressed hope that joint relations would also be deepened thanks to the youth from Rwanda who are currently studying in Poland.

“I hope there will be even more of it. We would like our universities to present their educational offer in Rwanda even more broadly. I also invited Rwandan youth interested in military studies in Poland to our military academies to take advantage of our educational offer at the highest standards,” he said. Booby.

Author: Magdalena Gronek, Aleksandra Rebelińska


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