President of Republika Srpska: We want to increase gas imports from Russia

Luc Williams

“Gazprom is a very reliable partner for us…”

“Gas is the most stable energy raw material, which is why we intend to increase the volume of its supplies,” Dodik emphasized. Without revealing details, he added that last year RS signed an agreement with the largest Russian gas producer, Gazprom, for gas supplies until 2025.

“Gazprom is a very reliable partner for us and we are very happy that it has recognized us as a partner in the region,” said the president of the majority-Serb administrative part of BiH.

In 2022, Bosnia and Herzegovina received the status of a candidate country for joining the European Union – an organization that, since the beginning of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, has been working on limiting supplies of energy raw materials from the aggressor country. Elmedin Konaković, head of Bosnian diplomacy, and key EU leaders emphasized that Sarajevo had fully aligned its foreign policy with the EU’s common foreign and security policy.

Meetings with Vladimir Putin

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, Milorad Dodik – a politician subject to US and British sanctions – has met Russian President Vladimir Putin four times. After the last meeting, which took place in the days preceding the second anniversary of the attack, he stressed that “Russia’s victory in all fields will also be Republika Srpska’s victory,” the Tanjug agency reported.

“I am very proud that I spoke with President (Putin), I wished him all the victories he could achieve. We believe that Russia is on the right side of the fight for the freedom of the nation and the state. President Putin is fulfilling an important mission of his time,” Dodik said. .

In his opinion, “Russia was forced to defend its nation and therefore launched a +special military operation+, and Europe, under the influence of the USA, was deceived into siding with the Ukrainian regime.”


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