President Petro's plan in 2026: “he wants to use health and pension resources to be re-elected”

Luc Williams

President Gustavo Petro will face the next Wednesday, March 6, the first major march of this year against his mandate. This new day of demonstrations is led by some opposition sectors, including the Democratic Center.

Jaime Arizabaleta, who is one of the leaders of the mobilization, spoke exclusively with this Monday and stated that citizens are tired of the Petro administration, which (according to him) has not done anything good in a year and a half.

“When Petro attacked the Supreme Court, because what happened was an assault, I called the others and told them that it was time to make that march of millions that we had dreamed of. “He has to march so that all the reforms fall,” initially stated.

The Valle del Cauca lawyer also took advantage of the dialogue with this medium to point out that President Petro wants to use the resources of Colombians to try to stay in the Casa de Nariño longer.

“This is a government that has done absolutely nothing right. Today the economy is bad and security is not even mentioned. A president who cannot even coordinate his private life now wants to reform the health, pensions and labor issues of Colombians,” he added.

Then he declared: “That makes no sense, unless the president, which is what I believe, does not want to end in 2026, but rather wants to use health and pension resources, which are billions, to be re-elected. “This is where we must be firm to defend Colombians.”

The activist finally called on all the supporters of the head of state, especially those who are regretting having voted for him, to join the march and protest against the promises that he has not kept during his mandate.

What are the concentration points of the march?

  • Cali: 10:00 am Parque de las Banderas, heading to the Jairo Varela Square.
  • Medellin: 10:00 am Av. Oriental with Av. La Playa.
  • Bucaramanga: 10:00 am Puerta del Sol and will culminate in the Luis Carlos Galán square.
  • Tunja: 9:00 am La Sexta shopping center.
  • Villavicencio: 4:00 pm Banderas Park.
  • Ibagué: 10:00 am Murillo Toro Park.
  • Armenia: 10:00 am Parque Fundadores heading to Plaza de Bolívar.
  • Cucuta: 10:00 am Ventura Plaza towards Santander Park.
  • Manizales: 10:00 am CAI del Cable bound for Plaza de Bolívar.
  • Valledupar: 4:00 pm Plaza Alfonso López.
  • Neiva: 10:00 am Convention Center and you will arrive at Parque Santander.
  • Barranquilla: 10:00 am Joe Arroyo Statue.
  • Santa Marta: 4:00 pm Camellón de la Bahía.
  • Cartagena: 4:00 pm Plaza de los Coches.
  • Sincelejo: 3:30 pm Layla Herrera Plaza.


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