Renewable energy subsidies in six simple steps. Warsaw has launched an additional call for applications

Luc Williams

Who can get financial support from city officials, how much and for what?

Who can benefit from renewable energy subsidies?

According to the information presented on the website of the Warsaw City Hall, this is an additional installation support program renewable energy sources (RES) can benefit, among others:

  • physical people,
  • housing communities,
  • housing cooperatives,
  • entrepreneurs,
  • associations,
  • foundations,
  • municipal and district legal persons.

To get the above subsidythe property to which it applies cannot be heated by boilers and solid fuel or fuel oil furnaces. Additionally, the commencement of investment implementation, including incurring expenses, cannot take place before the conclusion grant agreementswe read on the City Hall website.

How much and for what purposes can you obtain a renewable energy subsidy from the Warsaw budget?

In accordance with the resolution of the City Council Warsaw of November 17, 2022 amount of the subsidy for the use of renewable energy sources depends on whether you apply for funding public finance sector unitor an entity not included in this sector.

In the case of public finance sector units that are municipal or poviat legal entities, it is up to 80 percentactual costs of investment implementation.

For entities not included in the public finance sector, the amount of subsidy is:

  • air heat pump – up to PLN 30,000, but not more than PLN 1,000/kW
  • ground heat pump – up to PLN 40,000, but not more than PLN 2,000/kW
  • solar panels – up to PLN 15,000, but not more than PLN 1,000/m2
  • photovoltaics – up to PLN 15,000, but not more than PLN 1,500/kW
  • wind turbines – up to PLN 15,000, but not more than PLN 1,500/kW.

Where can you apply for a renewable energy subsidy?

Application with attachments should be submitted to any District Office in the Resident Services Department or sent by post to the following address:

City Hall Warsaw

Office of Air Protection and Climate Policy

street Aleje Jerozolimskie 44

00-024 Warsaw

The necessary forms and forms can be downloaded from the website of the Warsaw City Hall. There is still money to be distributed in the city budget PLN 9 million.


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