Shakira and Karol G end up splashed because of President Petro and his “Uribe music”

Luc Williams

President Gustavo Petro once again gave a lot to talk about on different social networks, as he made an unexpected statement from the municipality of Tolú, located in the department of Sucre, where he attacked Uribism.

“The singer who was there said it. Sometimes we don't pay attention to what the music says, also because a lot of music today doesn't say anything. The Uribista music that brutalizes one, they show it to me there on television. But if you try to make music intelligent and listen to music, it says things about culture, of the root, of the soul of the earth and of the blood.” she specified.

Edward Rodríguez, former congressman of the Republic, was one of the last to speak out regarding this issue and assured this Friday in dialogue with Vicky in SEMANA that the president is unleashed attacking people who think differently than him.

Likewise, the former public servant pointed out that President Petro has to understand what the top ruler of all Colombians is, not just his supporters and the 11 million who voted for him in the 2022 elections.

“Why does he have to go out and mistreat citizens who think differently than him, we are all Colombians?”. Stop mistreating and dividing the country, you have to understand that you are the president of all of Colombia. “He is telling people about him so that they hate others.” initially pointed out.

Likewise, he added: “Petro has to understand that music is a cultural expression that unites us all, it is not to divide. He has to speak to the entire nation. “I would like the president to talk about other more important issues.”

Rodríguez finally pointed out in this medium that, based on the premise he said in Tolú, the leader of the Historical Pact would be referring to several of the most important Colombian artists, including Shakira and Karol G.

“We have to make Petro understand that he is the president, that the campaign is over. Speaking of music, would the president be thinking about Shakira, who is our greatest representation worldwide? Well, many Uribistas listen to it. Karol G, which is a spectacle, will be uribista music that brutalizes. “I ask the president to respect,” he concluded.

“The moment of privatization meant that many people were left without studying, that Colombian society was brutalized through RCN and Caracol, that the only knowledge that is transmitted to the majority of citizens is that which arrives through the waves of those stations, but every time one opens the station one finds nothing but a brutalizer who is lulling society to sleep”Petro expressed on that occasion.


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