Should contracts for specific work be subject to contributions?

Luc Williams

Are contracts for specific work being abused?

Are contracts for specific work being abused by employers, are we at risk of an increase in the number of retirees with penny pensions, and finally – should contracts for specific work be subject to contributions? As emphasized by Paweł Jaroszek, vice-president Social Insurance Institution, thanks to the register of gun contracts that the plant has been “managing” since 2021, we finally have precise knowledge of how many such contracts are actually concluded. The latest data shows that in 2023 there were over 1.6 million of them. Is that a lot? – Number contracts for specific work it has remained at a similar, stable level for several years – says President Jaroszek. And are they overused? – They are not, but there are irregularities. On the one hand, ZUS educates its clients about what a contract for specific work is and what activities can be performed on its basis, on the other hand, the company controls the contracts and detects cases in which contracts for specific work should not be used – assures President Jaroszek.

With whom are contracts for specific work concluded?

Another issue is with whom such contracts are most often concluded. ZUS data shows that they apply to well-qualified people performing well-paid work. – Contracts for specific work are not, or are very rarely, concluded when performing seasonal work. It's hard to call the proverbial strawberry picking a work of art. They are also not abused when entrusting work to foreigners, says President Jaroszek.

Contributions for contracts for specific work

Currently, the Ministry of Labor is conducting analytical work and does not rule out the possibility of also contributing to contracts for specific work. What is ZUS's position on this matter? President Jaroszek assures that carrying out the process is not a major technical challenge, it is determining the mechanism of covering contracts for specific work with the social security system. – This is decided by politicians – he adds.

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