Stanisława Ryster, a valued TV presenter and winner of “Super Wiktor”, has died

Luc Williams

A profile of an outstanding television personality

Stanisława Ryster was born on May 2, 1942 in Lviv. She graduated from Secondary School No. 2. Maria Konopnicka in Katowice, and later law studies at the University of Warsaw. She started working on television in 1966. Initially, she hosted youth programs and game shows.

Game show “Big game” ran from 1975 until 2006.

In 1998 she received the award “Great Wiktor” for a television personality for lifetime achievement. In 1999, she placed fifth in the plebiscite Telecameras.

Information about death and reactions from the television community

Her death was first reported by one of the multiple game show winners, Mariusz Machnikowskiwho wrote on X platform: “Stanisława Ryster has died. If anyone was a legend TVP, it's her for sure. I'll brag – in one of the interviews she said that she recently met +one of her favorite players+. She later confirmed to me that it was about me – a week earlier I had invited her for coffee…

He later added that he received information about the former presenter's death from Ryszard Pieniążkiewicz, also a multiple game show winner. “Ryś Pieniążkiewicz called me with the news about the death of Mrs. Stanisława Ryster – of course, we are both going to her funeral. Rysiek and I have shared memories…” – he admitted. She confirmed the news of her death Onet also immediate family. (PAP)

author: Katarzyna Krzykowska


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