Tesla may have serious problems in Germany. The expansion of the factory near Berlin is hindered

Luc Williams

The vote is not binding on the commune representatives, but may influence decisions on the spatial development plan for the freight station and logistics areas. In addition to the existing 300-hectare factory area, Tesla wants to build a goods yard, warehouses and a factory kindergarten on an additional 170 hectares.. The plans assume cutting down over 100 hectares of forest.

Environmental organizations and civic initiatives argued against the possible expansion of the factory. They pointed out, for example, that part of the target area was located in a water protection area.

Why does Tesla want to expand its factory near Berlin?

However, the group led by American billionaire Elon Musk sees expansion as a benefit for the region. The company stated that planned investments around the facility could result in relieving road traffic in the area. It’s also about ensuring greater security of deliveries thanks to larger storage areas.

Recently, Tesla had to suspend car production for about two weeks because of a shortage of important parts due to the tense situation in the Red Sea. Tesla wants to increase production capacity in Brandenburg to one million cars per year.

Approximately 5,400 people took part in the non-binding local referendum, which means the turnout was over 70 percent. All citizens over 16 years of age and who had been resident in Brandenburg for at least three months could take part in the vote. In recent weeks, both critics and supporters of the organization have been fighting for the support of residents.

How many cars does the Tesla factory near Berlin produce?

Tesla plans to produce more cars in Grünheide in the future and wants to expand the factory at the existing site. Current production capacity of 500,000. cars per year will be doubled to one million. The gigafactory currently employs approximately 12,500 workers, which recently produced 6,000. cars per week – this means that at the current scale of production, 300,000 will roll off the assembly line in Brandenburg every year. vehicles.


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