“That does not mean we can validate that every March 8 they go out to destroy the city”: march of feminist groups divides opinions

Luc Williams

Last Friday, March 8, the Plaza de Bolívar in Bogotá became a scene of riots in the middle of the march in commemoration of International Women's Day. There are divided opinions, given that in several videos circulating on networks, excesses on the part of some women and, later, the UNDMO intervening in the mobilization, using stun guns and tear gas.

Congressman Jota Pe Hernández said that not because of the demand for rights, citizens can end up failing to fulfill their duties. “And one of our duties is to comply with article 265 of the Penal Code, where we are prohibited from causing damage to other people's property.”. We can demand rights without breaching our duties and obligations as citizens,” she indicated.

The senator was also emphatic in saying that All March 8th cannot become dates when protesters go out to cause chaos in the cities.

Meanwhile, representative Alejandro Ocampo stated that The women were demonstrating because “they are murdered in Bogotá and nothing happens. They rape them and nothing happens. They steal them and nothing happens. There is no being that feels more insecure in Bogotá than a woman.”

Furthermore, Alejandro Ocampo said that I don't know He could go out and say that the violent thing on the part of the protesters is that they “paint three walls.”

Therefore, The congressman stressed that he believed it was the women, regarding the fact that they were initially attacked by the UNDMO in the middle of last Friday's march.

“When the Police want to screw up a demonstration, they screw it up. I think this should not have been left like this. I validate the complaint of those women. I do believe that they did something to them. And anything that happened is reprehensible. If they hadn't done something to them, that wouldn't have happened. And the women who came out, well, they defend themselves. I think that the State managed this problem poorly, they had no reason to attack women in their day,” said Congressman Alejandro Ocampo in


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