“The Colombian ‘Rasputina’”: they bring to light the power that Laura Sarabia has within the Petro Government

Luc Williams

The case of the Marelbys Meza polygraph, which generated quite a stir in the country, after the complaints to which he had exclusive access, involved Laura Sarabia, who, at that time, was the chief of staff of Gustavo Petro’s government, and he lost a suitcase with what would be a large sum of money.

“I am respectful of the law of the administration of justice and institutions, From day one I have been fully available to meet the requirements of each of the competent authorities. Today I come to answer each and every one of the questions from the Prosecutor’s Office, renouncing my right to remain silent and thus clear up any doubt,” he said.

Therefore, in the debate of , the challenging position of Laura Sarabia was discussed, under the premise of the power that the public official has in the Petro Government. Enrique Gómez, director of the National Salvation Movement, stated that he is not surprised by Sarabia’s attitude.

This is the complete broadcast of the program:

“It doesn’t surprise me that Laura Sarabia’s share of power is going to her head. She is a person, I call her in the Petro brothers circus, which is how we live today, she is the wonder woman, she is the tiger tamer. The one who managed to keep the tiger Petro from devouring her and, obviously, carrying the corpse of Colonel Dávila on her back,” he stated, without mincing words,

Therefore, Gómez argued that the DPS director discovered that one of the abilities to project oneself in power is to have no scruples. In fact, she made the example that Laura had no scruples when it came to explaining the origin of the money that, apparently, Marelbys Meza had stolen from her.

The former presidential candidate also took advantage of the dialogue with this medium to point out that the right hand of the head of state is the “Colombian ‘Rasputina'”, emphasizing that she currently has more power within the Government than Verónica Alcocer herself, first lady of the nation.

“That is the ethic that represents this government, the Colombian ‘Rapustina’. Gustavo Petro has not devoured it, let’s see how long. “Let’s see how far Laura Sarabia can go as the ‘Rasputina’ of Gustavo Petro’s government,” pointed out the director of National Salvation.

Then he declared: “Sarabia has no shame and no scruples, she is in charge of the errands at the Casa de Nariño. She is the one who makes the rounds, even displacing Verónica Alcocer, who was the arrival dock for the president. “This bidding between the wife and ‘Rasputina’ will generate tension within the Government to rent a balcony.”

Thus, in conclusion, the director of the National Salvation Movement concluded that he is not surprised that Laura Sarabia has renounced the right of non-self-incrimination.


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