The crisis in the furniture industry is deepening. Exports are falling and companies are reducing employment

Luc Williams

“In the past year total sales value of Polish furniture manufacturers shrank by 6%. and amounted to approximately PLN 64 billion. The decline occurred for the first time in many years, but was not a surprise. Already at the beginning of 2023, it was known that the industry was facing a collapse. Even an 8% drop in revenues was expected,” we read in “PB”.

The journal notes that it has also shrunk export of Polish furniture. Its value decreased by 3.3%. to almost PLN 62.3 billion. Sales volume shrank by as much as 11%. “The fact that Poland managed to maintain its position seems to be of little consolation in this situation the largest furniture exporter in Europe“- writes the newspaper.

The lean years have come

As “PB” emphasizes, adapting to decreasing number of orderscompanies for 20 months gradually they were reducing crews. According to the newspaper, from April 2022 to the end of December 2023, average employment in the industry decreased by 18,000. full-time positions, up to approximately 147 thousand (and last year alone, about 7,000 people lost their jobs). He went bankrupt, among others. a well-known manufacturer of exclusive furniture, Klose company from Świecie. After over 30 years of operation, the company had to lay off its entire 200-person staff.

According to the daily, perspectives of the Polish furniture industry they are not good for this year. “At best, the value of sold production will remain at the level of approximately PLN 64 billion, and exports will range from PLN 62-63 billion,” says Michał Strzelecki, director of the office of the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers (OIGPM), quoted by “PB”.



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