The first days after the legalization of marijuana in Germany. How did it go? Bavarian police comment

Luc Williams

From April 1, smoking marijuana is allowed in Germany. Anyone over 18 years of age can keep up to 50 grams at home and carry a maximum of 25 grams outside the home. However, it is prohibited to consume marijuana on playgrounds, schools, sports facilities, including football stadiums, facilities for children and youth, and in the vicinity of these facilities.

“Discreet and calm”

The first days after the legalization of marijuana were described by the Bavarian police as “discreet and calm.” According to the Munich Police Presidium, no violations have been reported so far after the new regulations came into force. In the Upper Palatinate district, two reports of possible crimes were reported, which – according to the reporting person – concerned exceeding the permitted amount of marijuana in possession. The exact data of the remaining police presidiums in Bavaria are not yet known.

The proposal to legalize marijuana for private use in Germany was included in the agreement of the federal coalition government (SPD, Greens and FDP). This idea was criticized by, among others, politicians of the Christian Democratic Union CDU/CSU and the far-right AfD. The Prime Minister of Bavaria, Markus Soeder from the CSU, was particularly against the possibility of smoking marijuana. In his opinion, legalizing marijuana is a “fatal mistake.” “By introducing the marijuana law, Germany is harming itself and endangering the health of the population. Our country is on the wrong track,” Soeder wrote on the X platform on Monday.

The head of the Bavarian Ministry of Health, Judith Gerlach, stated that “despite the legalization of marijuana, Bavaria will not become a bastion of smokers.” The head of the Bavarian State Chancellery, Florian Hermann (CSU), and other CSU politicians announced very strict inspections throughout the state after the introduction of the new regulations. They also recommended that anyone who wanted to consume marijuana should do so outside Bavaria.

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