The harsh warnings against the Green Alliance and the Liberal Party to vote for health reform

Luc Williams

The health reform, led by the government of President Gustavo Petro, was initially approved on December 5 in the House of Representatives, after five months of intense discussions and debates. The controversial project obtained 87 votes in favor.

Gabriel Becerra, a member of the Historical Pact, spoke exclusively this Monday regarding the votes that will take place soon in Congress and assured that the government bench has to begin to act coherently.

Likewise, the representative took advantage of the dialogue with this medium to send a strong message to the senators of the Green Alliance and the Liberal Party, to whom he warned that it is time for them to make decisions about their true positions.

“We are going to denounce the maneuvers that are imposed to avoid making decisions. We want to ask the governing parties to act as such. “The Liberal Party has to make a decision, either they are with the government, or they are against the reforms of change,” initially stated.

Then he declared: “The Green Alliance party has to decide, either it is with the government, or it is not. These correlations of force in democracies must be reflected in voting and not in absenteeism. “We are going to make use of all the democratic mechanisms that the law allows us to debate the reforms.”

The congressman from the Historical Pact finally emphasized that They will invite citizens and the main sectors that, according to him, have been affected by the current health system to participate in the construction of the reform.

It is worth mentioning that the debate regarding the controversial initiative, a discussion that is about to begin in the Senate of the Republic, also heated up this Monday, after President Gustavo Petro launched a strong blow at “the extreme right.”

Through your personal X (Twitter) account, The Colombian head of state directly accused the “right” of sabotaging the health reform and pointed out that the current system is a “bottomless barrel,” emphasizing that “the finances of the State are on the verge of collapse.”

Finally, he concluded: “If you add the public transfers made to the EPS, with the public transfers to private pension funds, also exhausted, and the large budget deficit that grew by financing the response to covid with public debt and not from the issuance as the northern countries did; then they will know that the state’s finances are about to collapse.”


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