The head of the National Broadcasting Council imposed a fine on TOK FM. Reason? Broadcasting content inciting hatred

Luc Williams

The justification for the decision included: five broadcasts, in which “in particular, there were statements that met the premises of progressive brutalizing the language of public debate, aiming to blur the line between engaged journalism and hate speech. Two of the programs mentioned are repeat programs. The remaining programs are “First breakfast in TOK” (broadcast: January 24, 2023, at 5:53:48–5:56:36); Press review as part of the broadcast “First breakfast in TOK” (broadcast: February 1, 2023, at 5:53:24–5:55:12) and an interview with Dr. Mirosław Oczkoś as part of the program entitled “First breakfast in TOK” (broadcast: February 17, 2023, at 6:43:36–6:59:23).

“The above-mentioned broadcasts included, among others: phrases that insult, humiliate and violate the dignity of the most important people in the state, including the President of the Republic of Poland. They were there toothat statements ridiculing and mocking certain people and social groups, which, in consequence, could arouse reluctance or hostility towards them. Terms bearing the hallmarks of hate speech were also used, including: by using the so-called zooinwektyw” – explained in the announcement by Chairman Maciej Świrski. It was added that, according to the National Broadcasting Council, the mentioned programs violate journalistic principles such as “reliability and professional diligence”.

Chairman of the National Broadcasting Council decided to impose a fine on the sender in the amount of PLN 88,000 pursuant to Art. 53 section 1 of the Broadcasting Act. It was recalled that the broadcaster of radio TOK FM (an Inforadio company belonging to the Agora Radio Group) was fined PLN 80,000. PLN based on the decision of April 28, 2023 (PAP)

Author: Michał Szukała


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