The impact of geopolitics on business transformation

Luc Williams

Security: A key political dimension

A change of government in Poland is not only about taking power, but also about adapting to new challenges in the field of security. Minister Jacek Siewiera from the National Security Bureau emphasized that one of the most important aspects is the proper diagnosis of the situation and appropriate countermeasures. Democracy in Poland is a reason to be proud, but living in a state of constant threat requires vigilance from the government and society. History did not end with the collapse of the Soviet Union; on the contrary, threats evolve and change their faces. Poland must find its place in this sinusoidal wave of threats, which is particularly important in the context cyberwar with Russia.

Cybersecurity and business: new challenges and opportunities

Cyberattacks have become an everyday threat, emphasized David V. Gioe of the British Academy, emphasizing the importance of awareness and preparation for these dangers. Every day brings new challenges, but also opportunities for development and innovation. In the context of business cybersecurity has become a key aspect, and Poland is able to meet these challenges thanks to the commitment and determination of its citizens.

Foreign investments: Poland as an attractive destination

The Polish economy attracts more and more foreign investments, as pointed out by Jayee Koffey from BNY Mellon. Bank of New York Mellon, with $50 trillion in assets under management, invests in Poland due to its excellence and availability of talent, strategic geographic location and innovation. Poland offers a unique combination of an educated workforce, modern infrastructure and a dynamically developing economy. Investors see in Poland not only a stable market, but also huge potential for growth and innovation, which makes it an attractive place to do business.

The modern business services sector: the driving force of the economy

The latest ABSL report confirms the dynamic development of the modern business services sector in Poland. In 2023, the sector's share in GDP increased to 5.3%, and the export value reached USD 36.8 billion. Employment in the sector exceeded 457,000 people, which constitutes 7% of total employment in enterprises. Poland has become a key player in the global business services market, attracting investors from around the world, including the USA, Germany, France and the UK.

Transformation and innovation: the future of the sector

The modern business services sector in Poland is undergoing accelerated transformation, focusing on automation, innovation and increasing productivity. Over 75% of companies plan to implement a transformation strategy within the next year, which includes process automation, standardization and the development of artificial intelligence. The increase in innovation and the demand for IT specialists make Poland a center for advanced business services.

Krakow: center of talent and innovation

Kraków, as the host city of ABSL Summit, plays a key role in the development of the modern business services sector in Poland. Employing over 100,000 people in the sector, Kraków is a leader in terms of highly qualified staff resources. The city offers excellent business infrastructure and cooperation between universities and industry, which attracts investors and favors the development of innovative projects.
Poland faces many challenges, but also huge opportunities. Adaptation to the changing political, economic and technological environment requires constant vigilance and readiness to introduce innovations. Thanks to its strategic location, educated workforce and dynamically developing business services sector, Poland has the potential to become one of the main players on the global market.


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